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Issue: 02/2011 - S. Schultze-Mosgau - C. K. Müller - J. Chen - S. Fröbisch
Evaluation of the influence of preoperative factors
on soft tissue consolidation around single tooth implants
in the esthetic zone – A pilot study

Aim: The study aimed at identifying patient-, defect- and treatment-related factors that influence the esthetic outcome following oral rehabilitation using single tooth implant crowns.

Materials and Methods: 34 patients, who received a total of 49 dental implants at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Plastic Surgery, Jena University Hospital, were analyzed in a pilot study. Patient-, defect- and treatment-related factors were documented. Employing the "Pink Esthetic Score" (PES), the "red esthetics" were judged on standardized intraoral photos. The influence of patient-, defect- and treatment-related factors on the PES score was analyzed in a multivariate statistical approach.

Results: Defect size, SAC class and the condition of periimplant bone were found to be significant variables in the description of the PES.

Conclusion: Within the limitation of a pilot study employing a small sample size, it was confirmed that insufficient hard and soft tissue represents the greatest challenge for the implantologist. Current developments in minimally invasive implantology might have the potential to enhance the esthetic outcome in the future.

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