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Issue: 04/2016 - Elmar Esser - Stefan H├╝mmeke - Mischa Krebs - Frank Maier
The use of allogeneic bone grafts for pre-implant alveolar ridge augmentation

Summary: Processed bone allografts (FDBA/DFDBA) are associated with a minimal risk of viral and non-viral transmission and do not trigger any clinically significant immune reaction. Clinical, histological and histomorphometric results in the literature and in our own experience are comparable to results with autologous bone grafts. The success of the clinically similar handling mainly depends on the soft tissue management. The main problem with both techniques is dehiscence, which may be positively influenced by resistant collagen barrier membranes. The unlimited availability, the avoidance of bone harvesting and the possibility of standardization and easy adjustment to the bone defect are major advantages in the case of severely resorbed alveolar ridges. In our opinion, processed bone allograft prior to implant placement is clinically equivalent to avascular autografts with far superior handling.

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