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Issue: 02/2011 - C. Arndt - F.-A. Preusse - M. Suhr
Implant repositioning osteotomy for changing the position
of osseointegrated implants

The options in the treatment of fully osseointegrated implants in an incorrect or unusable position include not utilising the implant (“sleeping implant”), surgical removal of the implant and complete replanning, providing it with superstructure and accepting the situation, or performing an implant repositioning osteotomy (IRO). In the latter procedure, emphasis is placed on ensuring an adequate bone- and blood-supply and adequate fixation of the implant-bearing bony segment. This can be accomplished by wire or plate osseosynthesis, fixing abutments into a splint incorporating temporary crowns, or by bone-grafting and impaction. Adequate planning, obtaining an informed consent from the patient with presentation of all the options and frequent and repeated foto-documentation are essential components in ensuring an outcome acceptable to the patient.

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