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Issue: 03/2015 - Florian Beuer - Josef Schweiger - Jeremias Hey - Jan-Frederik Güth - Daniel Edelhoff - Michael Stimmelmayr
The Munich Implant Concept (MIC): a combination of intraoral scanning device and digital fabrication

Objective: The digital fabrication of dental restorations on implants has become a standard procedure during the last decade. Concepts avoiding abutment change during prosthetic treatment have been shown to be superior to the traditional protocol. The presented concept for implant-supported single crowns describes a digital approach without a physical model from implant placement to final delivery in two appointments.

Materials and methods: A 54-year old male was provided with a single tooth implant on the position of the left mandibulary first molar. Before wound closure the implant position was captured digitally with an intraoral scanning device. After bone healing at the time of second stage surgery the final screw-retained crown fabricated without a physical model was inserted.

Results: Soft tissue healing took place at the final restoration avoiding abutment changes or changes of the healing cap. These lead to stable soft tissues with a minimum of surgery.

Conclusion: The benefits of digital fabrication and the unique way to scan the implant right after placement give an additional value that would not be achieved by analogue techniques. Additionally to financial benefits it represents the biologically advantageous, one-abutment, on-time approach with customized screw-retained, full-contour crowns or cemented crowns on custom abutments.

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