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Issue: 04/2015
A win-win situation in Vienna

A win-win situation
in Vienna

Vienna, Austria is a city with an excellent reputation for congresses, and not without reason: As early as 200 years ago this city on the Danube demonstrated that it is a good location for negotiations. The Congress of Vienna was not only a venue for negotiations, but also for dancing: The Prince of Ligne is said to have remarked, “The congress dances, yet gets nowhere”. Whereas the negotiations were actually dogged and arduous, the intervals were taken up with magnificent festivities viewed in amazement from way beyond Austria’s borders.

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Issue: 01/2015
Dear readers and DGI members,

Dear readers and
DGI members,

Firstly, the entire editorial team of the ZZI would like to wish you every success and happiness for 2015.

This year again, the editorial team is committed to bringing you interesting articles that will provide you with scientific information and practical tips for rehabilitation of your patients’ masticatory function with an implant-borne prosthesis.

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Issue: 03/2015
Implant medicine: Science, craft and the art of healing – Is this like comparing apples and oranges?

Implant medicine: Science, craft and the art of healing – Is this like comparing apples and oranges?

The time has rolled around again – The annual DGI conference is approaching at the end of November. It takes place every three years as a joint session with the Austrian and Swiss associations.

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Issue: 02/2015
Working for the future

Working for the future

Have you found time yet to leaf through the preliminary program of the seventh joint conference of the DGI (German Implantology Association), ÖGI (Austrian Implantology Association) and SGI (Swiss Implantology Association), the three German-language specialist implantology societies, which you received recently? If you have not yet managed to do so, maybe our brief report in this ZZI will rouse your curiosity. The conference takes place in Vienna in the pre-Christmas period. Together with my colleagues on the board, I am very happy that the three societies have succeeded in putting together an excellent and exciting program. The conference in the Austrian capital will therefore be the high point and conclusion of the implantology training year.

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