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Issue: 01/2011
The Journal of Dental Implantology (JDI) goes online! (

The development of the internet has not only changed the market of continuing education and communication between practitioners but also enhanced the process and distribution of scientific publishing. Time consuming activities like visiting libraries and chasing references just to find an information on a particular treatment strategy or surgical technique have become an issue of the past. Large biomedical databases, like pubmed have become available over the internet and have dramatically increased the accessibility of the scientific and practical world literature. Because many of the people in the western countries have direct access to the internet, relevant rapid and complete literature searches as well as continuing education via the internet have fast become the norm. During the past few years, several of the larger journals on oral implantology have progressed electronically to become available “online”. We are proud to announce that the Journal of Dental Implantology (JDI) is joining this important development and is now available online via Consequently, an online version is offered to all of the subscribers in addition to the printed version.

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