Editorial - ZZI 02/2015

Working for the future

Working for the future

Have you found time yet to leaf through the preliminary program of the seventh joint conference of the DGI (German Implantology Association), ÖGI (Austrian Implantology Association) and SGI (Swiss Implantology Association), the three German-language specialist implantology societies, which you received recently? If you have not yet managed to do so, maybe our brief report in this ZZI will rouse your curiosity. The conference takes place in Vienna in the pre-Christmas period. Together with my colleagues on the board, I am very happy that the three societies have succeeded in putting together an excellent and exciting program. The conference in the Austrian capital will therefore be the high point and conclusion of the implantology training year.

The conference motto is "Knowledge, craft and cure. Implant medicine as science, skill and healing art". It provides forums for all professional groups involved in implantology. Scientists and practitioners, specialists and all-rounders, our team nurses and dental technicians will find forums of special interest for their professional field and also many presentations that are important for everyone. As an additional bonus, our cooperation has also integrated its annual meeting so we will have lots of material for discussion with our colleagues. The conference shows that it is possible and right to cross national and professional frontiers and together face the challenge of further developing our specialty.

The DGI, the biggest scientific implantology society in Europe, is acting as the driving force. It is the commitment of our members in universities, hospitals and dental practices that enables us to promote implantology not only nationally but also internationally on the basis of the close collaboration of science and practice.

This is obvious from the fact that the DGI is now linked with many sister associations in other countries and has lively exchanges with them. This exchange is not only on the scientific level. Our continuing education concepts, from the implantology curriculum to our continuum course, the master's degree course and our new e.Academy, have encountered great interest and open up interesting possibilities for cooperation. This experience has just been confirmed again at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne.

In the past year, we have launched one result of such activities with JSOI, our Japanese sister organization and the biggest implantology society in the world: the International Journal of Implant Dentistry, a high-level, peer-reviewed online journal. Together with Professor Yoshinobu Maeda, Osaka, Japan our past president Professor Hendrik Terheyden, Kassel, Germany is editor of this open access journal, whose readers benefit from free online access to the latest international knowledge without restriction. The first articles have now appeared. You will find more about it in this ZZI. Or even better: just go to www.journalimplantdent.com.

This shows that the future in scientific communication and continuing education in implantology will be greatly shaped by modern digital possibilities, which not only facilitate and speed up exchanges over all borders but also change the learning process and how knowledge is acquired. The e.Academy – our e-learning program – opens up this kind of new option for our members to acquire new knowledge at the highest level, tailored to one's personal study pace. It provides content for beginners who want to obtain a qualification in the implantology field and for participants in our continuing education and refresher courses. Naturally, there is also plenty for established implantologists who want to keep their knowledge up to date and refresh it.

Dear colleagues, I would like to invite you to continue to participate in the future work of the DGI at all levels, whether in our regional quality circles, which are steadily increasing in number, in district associations or in our national or international projects. Working for the future is work for your and our future in dentistry.


Dr. Gerhard Iglhaut

President of the DGI