Editorial - ZZI 01/2012

Résumé and outlook

Résumé and outlook

Dear Colleagues,

The first issue of a new year provides the opportunity on the one hand to analyze our current position and, on the other hand, to develop strategies for the future.

In the past year ZZI achieved three important new landmarks: the number of bilingual articles was increased, the ZZI appears online in English and German and our journal achieved a listing in the international database SCOPUS.

The ZZI online portal was completed and it allows all subscribers of the journal to experience interactive training, which meets the highest standards of quality, regardless of place and time. Also in the past year an increasing number of well-known authors were obtained for the publication of bilingual articles in the ZZI.

This was only possible thanks mainly to your cooperation and support, which you provided by offering critical comments and submitting articles from your scientific work.

In particular, young implantological scientists from within our implantological community have increasingly submitted their work to the ZZI in the past year. This has become possible because in the various faculties in addition to the impact factor, the number of first authorships in domestic and international journals is a criterion for the preliminary work for initiating a postdoctoral process. I consider this to be a positive and very important development, as the ZZI is an excellent medium for presenting research results in the domestic implantology community, especially in terms of promoting young implantologists. This also contributes to the scientific recognition of German-language implantology and is a prerequisite for further listing and international perception of the ZZI.

Following our annual congress in November 2011 in Dresden, Germany, many high-level articles were submitted to the ZZI, which will be published in issues to come.

In future, one of the most important strategies will certainly be on the one hand continued pursuit of scientific recognition of the ZZI through high-level research articles and, on the other hand, the ZZI must also meet the requirements of practical implantologists and take these requirements into account with articles covering daily practice as well as innovative surgical techniques and user-oriented problems.

In this 1/2012 issue the Journal of Dental Implantology (ZZI) again provides information at a high scientific level about current preclinical and clinical data in the field of bone block removal using trepanation, sinus lifting with simultaneous implant placement involving critical residual bone availability and immediate restoration and loading in the edentulous mandible.

I would like to wish all readers of the ZZI much enjoyment when reading the journal and, even if it is belated, a very happy and prosperous 2012.


With kind regards


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Schultze-Mosgau