Editorial - ZZI 03/2016

Lasting cooperation between the German (DGI), Swiss (SGI) and Austrian (ÖGI) Implantology Associations

The successful joint congress in 2015 in Vienna, Austria has strengthened the friendly cooperation and solidarity between the DGI, SGI, and ÖGI for the years to come. An important landmark was the declaration of intent signed at the congress signifying future training cooperation between all three associations.

The agreement specifies opening the DGI’s very successful long-standing curriculum to members of the ÖGI on the same conditions as apply to DGI members. At the same time, all future events, including the annual meetings of both associations, will be available to members of both the DGI and ÖGI at discount rates.

Another first will be training courses in Austria using human cadavers as an additional module to the DGI curriculum. The objective of the courses which, for the time being, will be held in Graz and Vienna, is to teach current surgical implant and regenerative treatment concepts using specially preserved human specimens. For graduates of the DGI-curriculum and DGI as well as ÖGI members, this will be offered at very competitive prices. The courses will take place at regular intervals and provide ideal opportunities for practice and offer a field of top-class instructors with alternating representatives from the ÖGI and the DGI to demonstrate their surgical concepts.

The opening course will be held on October 14th and 15th, 2016 in the Styrian capital Graz, Austria and we would be pleased to welcome you at one of the upcoming events.

The ÖGI's conference (motto: “Implant EURO 2016”) took place under the presence of top-class DGI representatives. Held in Riegersburg in eastern Styria, Austria it was about how both old and new members come together to form a team and pave the way for future developments. Three years after the last joint congress with representatives of the DGI and SGI in Spielberg, once again a mix of constructive discussions, active sporting participation, and social gathering was presented. Professional subjects as well as controversial economic and academic topics were presented, analysed and discussed in modern formats. Especially the hot topic of “Anti-corruption and sales compliance” and its implications were discussed intensively by industry representatives and scientists alike.

The focus of this event should be on colleagues networking with each other and the development of new ideas, concepts, visions, and projects. Partners from industry, established members of the societies and, above all, ambitious representatives of the next generation should continue to write the success story of the DGI, SGI and ÖGI together. The results of the event will be presented to readers of the ZZI on pages 188/190. In future, joint activities of the three associations, beyond just the joint congress, will be an integral part of the German-speaking training landscape.

In Riegersburg there was not just discussion; awards were given to the international dental social projects presented at the 2015 meeting in Vienna. From the proceeds of the congress 2015, 500 Euros were transferred to each of the five international aid projects in the dental field, showing gratitude to the organisations for their commitment.

Last-but-not-least, I would like to invite you to attend the ÖGI meeting in Graz in November 2017, presented under the title “Less is more – minimally invasive concepts in implantology”. Of course, members of the DGI and SGI will be offered preferential terms ...

Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Martin Lorenzoni, Graz