Editorial - ZZI 03/2013

Implantological Fall
Dear colleagues,

Just a while back a good friend and colleague gave me a book by Philippe D. Ledermann. Unlike probably expected, it was not a textbook on medical dentistry covering immediate loading and restoration of implants but part three “Fall” of his autobiographical novel entitled “The Paper Parents” (“Die Papiereltern”). The first two parts “Fall” and “Summer” were published more than ten years back and quickly made it into the bestseller lists for novels. Ledermann is not only considered a contemporary witness of a whole chapter of implantology history, but also one of its most formative protagonists. During his professional life he has had to cope with so many doubts about the paradigm shift concerning implant-loading that his memories on the topic span three volumes of a book (1). Of course I’m particularly interested in the implantology chapters where an absurd status image of the dental profession of the time is presented which almost led to him being struck off. Ledermann describes the early days of implantology with all its tortuous paths and the very personal hostility he experienced. Those readers who are only mildly interested in fiction and poetry will find at least in these chapters a vital description of the critical area of conflict between university lecturers and general dentists.

Apart from being pleasant to read, this book has a much more fundamental message! It clearly pleads for synergy in cooperation between universities and practicing dentists. Hopefully the inter-human relationship of all involved in the “pioneering period” of implantology was the last relapse to a period in dentistry long believed to have been overcome. Nowadays it should go without saying that university lecturers value the clinical experience of successful practitioners and that practitioners accept the scientific evidence generated by universities. It appears to me that we have no use for competing blocs but rather need more cooperating partners in daily practice and education. Is there any other implantological periodical which could better represent this dynamic cooperation than the JDI?

The JDI is the implantology journal with the highest circulation in German-speaking areas as well as being a mouthpiece for members of the DGI (German Implantology Association) and ÖGI (Austrian Implantology Association). Being a member of the editorial staff for the practical section of the JDI, I would like to appeal especially to practicing dentists to toss their experience in successes and failures in implantology into the “JDI ring”! Let’s discuss matters critically eye-to-eye yet not forget to respect each other. I’m looking forward to your articles in the coming issues.

On balance, and after reading the third part of Philippe D. Ledermann’s book “Fall – The Paper Parents”, even though the trilogy so far has been exciting, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to his autobiographical “Winter”. After all, there are only four seasons and winter stands for the inevitable end of time! Yet, in my opinion, “Fall” remains commendable reading for all dentists involved in implantology no matter whether they are in private practice or education.

Best wishes


Dr. Peter Gehrke, Ludwigshafen


1. Ledermann PD: Die Papiereltern. Autobiografischer Roman. Band 1: „Frühling“, Band 2: „Sommer“, Band 3: „Herbst“. Landverlag Langnau (CH) 2011,

ISBN: 978-3-905980-03-5 (Bd. 1), -04-2 (Bd. 2), -05-9 (Bd. 3)