Editorial - ZZI 04/2013

Facing the future together via interfacial dialogs

Facing the future together via interfacial dialogs

„Facing the future together“ – is the motto of this year’s congress at Frankfurt/Main, Germany, a highlight which traditionally rounds off the “Implantology year”.

Cooperation with colleagues from other (dental)medical fields as well as dental technicians and assistants is essential if we are to move development forwards. Actually, oral implantology has become a highly innovative yet complex cross-disciplinary branch which has long been closely linked with many dental-medical fields. In addition, the numerous contacts with other medical disciplines necessitate evaluation of implantology beyond that of a purely dental-medical orientated view.

Anyone who would like to face the future with others should, however, be aware of the status of the other parties, their objectives, common values and which differing points of view need to be contended with. These are best found out by speaking with each other, which is why our congress is focused on the motto “interfacial dialogs”.

Exchanges between implantology and related (dental)medical disciplines are essential for a joint future. This also includes positioning the points of view and concepts of German implantology in relation to those of international implantology and discussing them, which is why this is the second major theme of our congress.

As always, we will be presenting those 2013 “hotspots” which show the way for the future as well as being relevant and important for our colleagues. This spectrum ranges from abutment design and optical impression-taking to short implants, infection prophylaxis and peri-implantitis right up to the sensible number of implants required in an edentulous jaw. This not only involves new techniques, materials and methods, but also the regulatory and political frameworks within which implantologically active dentists operate.

However much we love going into detail, we must never lose sight of the fact that evaluation of implantology will always involve the question of the importance of implants to patients and not just to the gap between the teeth! This is why multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary evaluation of the medium and long term efficacy of an implant-borne restoration is a central aspect. The plenary sessions are therefore dedicated to these dialogs. They will cover the ranking of oral implantology within healthcare on a domestic and international level. This is closely linked with the international forum. We would like to evaluate whether that which we carry out in Germany is accepted internationally and if international standards exist.

Interfacial dialogs will also take place with other branches – ranging from ethics to gender research and right up to the topic of young professionals. We’ll take a close look at long completed changes in society and their effects on implantology. This includes a “Next Generation” forum for young implantologists. A wide range of futuristic and career opportunities with innovative interactions and discussions will be presented.

Taking into consideration the advances in implantology and increasingly complex operations, education for the entire practice team is a declared objective of the DGI and embedded in the congress schedule where scientists and dental practitioners as well as dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons along with dental technicians and assistants will discover “their own specific” as well as joint topics. Once again, the continually successful table clinics with “experts on hand” are included in the schedule. Our cooperation with the “AG Keramik”, which is holding its meeting under the umbrella of the DGI congress, fits in with our platform approach.

The Implant Expo will take place at the same time as the congress. Dental professionals attending this specialist international implantology exhibition will be able to pick up information on the latest trends and developments.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Frankfurt.

Best wishes

Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz

President of the congress and vice president of the DGI