Editorial - ZZI 01/2015

Dear readers and DGI members,

Dear readers and
DGI members,

Firstly, the entire editorial team of the ZZI would like to wish you every success and happiness for 2015.

This year again, the editorial team is committed to bringing you interesting articles that will provide you with scientific information and practical tips for rehabilitation of your patients’ masticatory function with an implant-borne prosthesis.

To provide you with a faster overview during your varied day-to-day work, we in the editorial team have decided, starting from this issue, to present a reminder box for the original articles and contributions from real-life practice, which will show briefly why you should read this article. We hope that this will awaken your interest and give you concise information about the article’s content, in addition to what is in the summary.

In this issue you will find articles on one-stage augmentations using the bone ring technique and studies of the healing behaviour of implant surfaces. The international news gives a summary of the recent international literature on the topic of peri-implantitis treatment.

The “Biometry Banter” column in the ZZI is particularly important: in this issue it deals with the procedure and criteria for optimal planning of clinical studies. We hope that this will give you valuable hints on planning your clinical studies so that these can be conducted according to scientific criteria to enable interesting and relevant information to be gained.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying the present issue.


Prof. Dr. Dr. S. Schultze-Mosgau

Senior scientific editor