Editorial - ZZI 04/2015

A win-win situation in Vienna

A win-win situation
in Vienna

Vienna, Austria is a city with an excellent reputation for congresses, and not without reason: As early as 200 years ago this city on the Danube demonstrated that it is a good location for negotiations. The Congress of Vienna was not only a venue for negotiations, but also for dancing: The Prince of Ligne is said to have remarked, “The congress dances, yet gets nowhere”. Whereas the negotiations were actually dogged and arduous, the intervals were taken up with magnificent festivities viewed in amazement from way beyond Austria’s borders.

Once again in November 2015 there will be dancing in Vienna, not for reorganizing European borders but rather for presenting the latest developments in implantology. The preliminary figures are an indication of how attractive the venue, topics and supporting program of this congress are.

This joint congress 2015 in Vienna (www.im plant2015. wien) stands for two issues – Attractive further education for our active members and promoting cooperation between the partner associations DGI (German Implantology Association), ÖGI (Austrian Implantology Association) and SGI (Swiss Implantology Association) at all levels including the established “This Generation” and the “Next Generation”.

Despite the top quality lecturers, the Implant2015 will not be able to provide definitive solutions to all queries but our objective is to hold a high level discourse on: Do we handle indications for implant-borne restorations responsibly or, possibly, too lavishly? To which degree do general medical risk factors influence our treatment planning and therapy-related decisions? Which risks, problems and complications do operators and patients have to reckon with?

Of course the technical/manual developments will also be covered and the “jugglers” involved in implant-surgery, prosthetics and periodontology will present various options for augmentation, digital techniques or CAD/CAM technology.

Speaking of “Periodontology”, for the first time ever this event takes place in cooperation with a periodontal association and the topics as well as the list of lecturers in the ÖGP (Austrian Periodontology Association) forum leave nothing to be desired: Implants in periodontitis patients, risk factors, peri-implantitis and periodontitis, aftercare etc. The not immodest objective of those in charge of the ÖGP is, “to establish joint concepts for and solutions to the intrinsic problems of both disciplines”.

German will not be the only language spoken, guests and lecturers from South-East Europe, Egypt and Japan will take part in an English-language “international forum” which will further “globalize” this joint congress.

And, last but not least, the Nexte Generation of DGI, SGI and ÖGI members will be given plenty of scope – not only for parties, but also for their own forum with younger lecturers as well as discussions and interchanges/networking in the NG lounge.

A congress app, created in cooperation with the “Deutschen Ärzte-Verlag” will keep attendees fully up-to-date with information on the event and facilitate personal planning for the congress and Implant expo.

For those in need of even more incentives there’s also the Court Theatre, State Opera, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Albertina, Hofburg Palace, Leopold Museum, Fiaker horse-drawn carriages, big wheel, waltzes, Christmas market and much more on the first advent weekend – a real win-win situation in Vienna ....


Prof. Dr. Martin Lorenzoni

Congress Chairman